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Andrew Auernheimer

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I'm a hacker and troll of fair international notoriety. In early 2007, I began talking about a certain people:
weev's LJ: Dear white people
and I proceeded to make a series of video sermons called the iProphet which garnered a regular audience of tens of thousands of weekly viewers.

As a result, the FBI framed me for terrorism and I was driven out of my job forever. I, however, did not maintain my silence and continued poking at ZOG, so in June of 2011 in retaliation for my lawful political speech I was kidnapped to a foreign jurisdiction and falsely charged with computer crimes.

After I got out of prison on a costly appeal that left my life in shambles, I fled the United States as a political refugee and became a crowdfunded blogger dedicated to racial issues. Then the shutoffs started. In 2014, I was the first account ever subject to a suspension on Patreon.

In 2015, I was the first account ever subject to suspension on Gratipay.

I lost my bank accounts. My Paypal. Dozens of brokerages. They did their best to keep me away from any source of income.

If you are unfamiliar with my work, I believe that the fact that the US government thinks I am a greater and more urgent threat than nearly anyone in the community speaks to its quality. In addition, I have prepared a brief set of samples below for you to evaluate if it deserves support. The odds are, however, you know who I am and that my body of work speaks for itself.

Please support my continued existence, so that I may continue my divinely inspired struggle against the state.